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Compilo Tools

The new Compilo Tools is in the Files section. If you are interested in the Compilo Project, please take a look and give some feedbacks. The Tools page is here.

The Compilo project initially located at is moving to .

The main goal of Compilo is to join forces to develop and publish a developer's documentation for Compiere ERP + CRM as good as possible. This project is very open: I'll consider suggestions and modifications in particular from people helping in the development, but ideas from all Compiere™ community are importants.
Moving the project to was the first modification I made based on a Compiere user suggestion.

You can find two versions: the nojar version do not contains jars/libraries, so you can download Compilo and its updates faster. pdf version was also added for direct download.

Right now I moved only releases on SourceForge and not the CVS. You can still find the CVS at the original location. It is not in sync with SF sorry. Releases are published first on SF.

Latest release: 0.1.0
On latest release: two points add written by the second contributor red1. Three points added with internals of Trees, Menus, Reports.

Next release: 0.1.1
On next release: More about Compiere Reporting Engine.
Expected date for next release: 2004-09-30.

Precedent release: 0.0.5
On precedent release: Added point 010 on Application Dictionary, based on a work of first contributor Peter Shen.

Compiere tested by Compilo

The Compilo project is proud to announce a new File Release branch for Compilo. With Compiere tested by Compilo we aim to provide developers the way to try as quick as possible some of the customizations we propose in the Compilo document.

In this version Jasper Report is fully integrated with Compiere and functioning.

It's already tested to compile and run on GNU/Linux, soon it will be tested on Windows platform too.
As usual feedbacks are kindly appreciated.

How to contribute

Personally I don't think now we need graphic documentation fashioned with lots of images because right now we don't have anything. In my opinion is better to focus on the speed of the documentation activity rather than on formatting quality.

Also I don't think docs requires to be written: I document what I'm doing while I'm doing it and probably many developers have this habit. At this point probably we need join everything not depending on formatting quality and number of details. There will be time to review topics and organize them once we will have enough material.

Anyway if you want to write good technical graphic HOWTOs already written with texinfo with examples/demos, this will be simply perfect. Logo
Last update 2004-10-08.
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